Monday, October 15, 2012

Snitch Alert

Sleepless nights have a new meaning. The barking and whining starts just a few nights ago. The pitch increasing until the pillow shoved over my head no longer muffles the sounds. The pack has been so well behaved. The first thought is seperation anxiety and the next is growing pains. Too my surprise, the dogs are actually on watch. McCoy has climbed over the wall and escaped into his idea of heaven. A shredded magazine surrounds him and the look of contentment is plastered across his face. Oh yeah! That was fun. Everyone quiets down as soon as he is put back into his bed. After the second night of this, it's apparent that anyone left behind is going to snitch him out. What a bunch of tattle tales (or in this case, tails). This works out pretty well for me until the frequency of escape increases. It's not as easy as putting McCoy back anymore. These little 8 week old pups are extremely smart and learn quickly. Five dogs are missing the next day. They combine their new found skill of escape along with their knowledge of going up and down stairs to the awaiting pet door into the yard. All five dirty faces have the time of their life! As they take a dip in the tub to rinse off, the water play begins...splish splash, they are truly labs. There isn't a downside to this kind of life.        

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