Sunday, October 7, 2012


In the last couple weeks since my last post, more distinct personalities have started to emerge. Most days, they are all amazing. Some moments, they are trying. Like this very moment, the single moment that I have finally sat down to write. PG is sitting in my lap. No, not still. He wants down to play. Nothing can stop him. He just slid off the chair onto the floor. It's a two foot jump, and he could care less. He's one of the adventurers in the pack. I learned that the first time that I used the vaccum to clean out the whelping box. While the others stood cautiously back, PG and McCoy thought that the vaccum was the biggest and best toy that they had ever seen. They pounced, tugged, and batted at the nozzle...such fun! Zeus and Athena followed their lead the next time. These days, I have eight puppies that hear the sound of suction and start running towards me. It's playtime!

I have picked PG back up onto my lap and blocked him in. He's been barking and crying for the last few minutes as he looks for an alternate route down. I set him down with Arli, and she has decided to entertain him. They play tug with the little giraffe that she stole from their play area the other day. She's very fond of the toys that we bring home for the pups...that's a story for another time.

I fondly recall taking care of eight little hamsters for the first month of this adventure. They fit in the palm of my hand the day they were born. It was all really easy. They mostly slept, crawled around on their bellies with eyes shut. Arli fed and cleaned up after them. There was no ghastly smells and messes to handle. It's not as easy anymore and sleep is sporatic, however I wouldn't give up experiencing the world through their little playful eyes.

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