Sunday, August 26, 2012

91/2 Weeks

 Arli's romance with Rainbo's Splish Splash ("Splash") was 9 1/2 weeks ago. After a game of chase, a moonlight swim, and a shared meal, their destiny was set in motion. Splash is an 80lb. classic looking Lab with a thick waterproof coat. His sire and grand sire were two of the top Chocolate Field Champions in the nation. Splash has 15 Field Champions, 2 National Field Champions, and 13 Conformation Champions in 5 generations of his pedigree. This explains his handsome good looks and high degree of trainability. Splash is a fully trained field dog that can do multiple marks and blind retrieves. He has a strong retreiving desire, is a good water dog as is intelligent to train. He has a friendly demeanor with other dogs and loves everyone. It was Arli that captured his heart though. Her confidence and beautiful dark coat stunned him. Truly an amazing swimmer with a natural instinct for diving as well as an easy going temperament... one look. maybe a short sniff too,  and he was captivated.
As star crossed love goes, Arli and Splash burned hot for 5 days and ultimately had to part ways. The distance of land between them was too wide an expanse to overcome. Splash needed to run free and continue his field work while Arli had to return to her pet assisted therapy program at the Juvenile Hall; not to mention that she needed to be back in her soft bed, enjoying a warm gourmet cooked meal!
Arli will always remember her time with Splash, especially as she looks at the eight miniature versions that resemble the best parts of him. The combination from the both of them has produced a gorgeous litter of Chocolates, strong and easy going. The coming weeks will be fun!    
Born August 19, 2012

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