Sunday, July 15, 2012

Making a Splash

Naturally drawn to the water, labradors love to dive and swim. Retreiving adds to the adventure, whether in a lake, the ocean, or your backyard swimming pool. Now that I've started this website, I promise to capture more of Arli' incredible dives. I will have to title it, "No fear!" An 8 foot launch from a boulder hovering above a cold lake; piece of cake. Navigating the swim platform off of our boat and with a little help, the ladder to go again; bring it on! Large tidal waves standing between her and her "jolly ball;" head first should work. Of course, she trusts that we would never put her in harms way and always checks the terrain herself at least once before launching. Smart, fun, and highly social... no wonder the labrador remains the most popular dog in the United States.